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Where are the Land Plots?

Located in the picturesque area of Glencullen Co. Wicklow next to Johnnie Fox's Pub in the Dublin Mountains. Glencullen “valley of the holly" the village is famous and steeped with history located 30mins drive from Dublin City Centre.

What are the GPS coordinates?

DD (decimal degrees)*

Latitude: 53.2256178

Longitude: -6.245479166666667

DMS (degrees, minutes, secondes)*

Latitude: 53° 13’ 32.224”

Longitude: 6° 14’ 43.725”

What do I Get?

You will receive a beautiful document pack that comes with a legal Certificate of Sale, information, Photos of the Area and directions to enable you to locate and visit your land.

Can I visit the Land?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so in order to get the most enjoyment from your landowner experience and see the beautiful surroundings.

How do I know which plot is mine?

We carefully define the location of each plot precisely. We do this by providing you with the exact location, using the Irish Ordnance Survey reference system, to the nearest millimetre.

The location of each plot is unique. Even using a professional surveyor it may be impossible to precisely locate the smallest plots – at the moment. GPS accuracy continues to improve. However we also provide you with an estimate of the latitude and longitude of your plot to help you locate it with GPS systems that do not use the OS system such as the iPhone and many inexpensive GPS devices whose primary purpose is car travel. Using such familiar items you will be able to reach the area of your plot.

The physical location of each plot is not marked on the ground, though we do not object to you marking it once you have found it. We believe that a wood carpeted with thousands of marker poles would be unattractive, even if practical. Several certificate owners have placed memorial stones, flags on their plots and this is every certificate owner’s right.

Alternatively you may use another online service such as Google Maps.

How large are the Plots?

See our Buy Now page to see both options

Can I purchase a plot for someone other than me?

Yes of course. When you place your order you will be required to enter the name of the new landowner. This can be any name that you like.

If you would like a message enclosed to the new land owner and the pack shipped directly to them, then this is all part of the service, as is customising the deeds with a special date i.e. a birthday or anniversary.

Can I purchase several plots next to each other?

Yes. As long as the plots are the same size, then all the plots you order at the same time will be next to each other. Any plots ordered later may be part of a different block, though they will be close by.

If I do not live in Ireland can I still buy land?

Yes you can. Irish land can be purchased by anyone of any nationality.  If you wish to move to Ireland, owning land here will not help you with obtaining a visa or residency rights, but otherwise you are free to visit and enjoy your land as the legal owner.

Is my purchase legal?

Your official Certificate of ownership is a legal document. With this you will receive a comprehensive legal deed complete with terms and conditions that include all the legalities of your purchase and lays out the contractual aspects. Should you have any queries prior to purchasing your plot, or indeed after you have purchases it, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Do I get freehold or leasehold ownership of the land?

The land that is selling is not freehold, but is not simple leasehold either. There are two main reasons for this:

i. With a number of different people owning the different plots of land, and visiting their plots, if we sold freehold ownership then landowners could compromise the untouched natural beauty of the area by erecting flag poles, digging large holes, etc. Every land owner should be free to enjoy their land in its rural setting, so we must restrict what people do on their plot in order for this to be possible.  

ii. We provide a renewable 20 year leasehold ownership. This is renewable AT NO CHARGE after 20 years, and again indefinitely after that in periods of 20 years. Our aim is not to restrict the term of ownership to 20 years, but to work within the limitations of the leasehold ownership laws. We will email every land owner when their 20 year term is approaching and ask them to renew their leasehold by notifying us they wish to do so, free of charge. If we are unable to contact a land owner, we will not resell or ‘take back’ the plot – we will keep the records on file until eventually we hear from the land owner or person acting on their behalf. In short, the land will be assigned to you forever once you make a purchase, but we attempt to contact you every 20 years to ensure our records are updated.

Are my payments secured?

Yes. We use PayPal which is an online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. PayPal is one of the world's largest internet payment companies. 

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to anywhere in the world.

What are the shipping times and delivery options?

Delivery will cost $9.99. This generally takes about a week to ten days to arrive, but this can vary. We recommend allowing up to three weeks for the package to arrive in non-major city locations.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Can you explain the rights I obtain to the land?

Our customers obtain a personal right to their land. The Land Registration act does not allow souvenir plots of land to be registered, which means that Perfect Irish Gift remains as the registered owner of the land.  As such, Perfect Irish Gift can manage the land as a nature reserve, making it as attractive and enjoyable as possible for our visitors.

For your peace of mind, Perfect Irish Gift  ensures that the land can only ever be used for the purposes of conservation, helping plants and wildlife to flourish.

Any other Questions?

Please Contact Us.

We will endeavour to reply to you promptly if we receive your enquiry between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Email is our preferred method of contact but you can also contact our support team from

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday International: +353-1-2549876

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